10 largest cities in the world

10 largest cities in the world

Some people enjoy nature and fresh air, but there are also those who enjoy the noisy city life. Usually, life in the metropolis is preferred by young people – who are looking for urban life – or “crazy” entertainment.

Cities are synonymous with versatile transportation, large shopping centers, discotheques and endless entertainment, numerous cultural events, but also ethnic and cultural diversity.

Therefore, visiting a new metropolis means experiencing a new history. And, without a doubt, the bigger the city you visit – the experience will be more special and bigger.

Below we bring you the list of the 10 largest cities in the world – along with their surroundings, based on the number of people living in those cities.

    10 – São Paulo, Brazil (20,935,204)

    São Paulo, Brazil

    9 – Delhi, India (21,753,486)

    Delhi, India

    8 – Mexico City, Mexico (22,500,000)

    Mexico City, Mexico

    7 – Manila, Philippines (22,710,000)

    Manila, Philippines

    6 – New York, USA (23,632,722)

    New York, USA

    5 – Karachi, Pakistan (24,300,000)

    Karachi, Pakistan

    4 – Seoul, South Korea (25,620,000)

    Seoul, South Korea

    3 – Jakarta, Indonesia (30,214,303)

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    2 – Shanghai, China (34,000,000)

    Shanghai, China

    1 – Tokyo, Japan (37,800,000)

    Tokyo, Japan