All about Qatar’s royal family: The emir is in charge of the World Cup, but the women in his life hold great influence and power

All about Qatar’s royal family: The emir is in charge of the World Cup, but the women in his life hold great influence and power

The emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, is primarily responsible for organizing the World Cup in his country, but he is not the only member of the royal family with media influence and great wealth.

Qatar’s royal family does not have a long history compared to other Arab dynasties, nor is it descended from the prophet Muhammad, but it has great influence in its country, the Persian Gulf and the world thanks to the great wealth of its members her keep. The wealth comes mainly from the oil and gas reserves of the nation that will host the next Soccer World Cup.

The Al Thani have only been in power since the 19th century and their rise is due to British intervention to curb piracy in the region. Moreover, their autonomy on the throne was conditioned by the period of Ottoman Empire rule (from 1871 to World War I) and by the subsequent period of the British protectorate of the emirate (from 1916 to 1971).

Now that the 21st century has begun, their economic influence has continued to grow: although the exact wealth of the Qatari royal family is unknown, many sources estimate it at around $450 billion, with investments scattered around the world in the giants merchants such as Barclays Bank. British Airways, Volkswagen, Harrods and even El Corte Inglés; although the businesses are particularly concentrated in England, where they own more than 4,000 properties (according to the Guardian, the emir owns more properties in London than the British royal family themselves, including the luxury Ritz and Savoy hotels). All operate through the Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, created in 2005 to manage the surplus generated by oil and gas exports.

The head of the family is the current emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (Doha, 1980), the ninth of the dynasty, known for focusing on sports to raise Qatar’s international profile, even before his accession to the throne in 2013. He he was also the first of the last three emirs to come to power without a coup.

Tamim, who was educated in England at prestigious institutions such as Sherborne School, Harrow School and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (the same academy where Prince William received his military training), founded Qatar Sports Investments in 2005 in a key bid to take control of Paris Saint-Germain in 2011 through current president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, among others.

In 2006, the current emir chaired the organizing committee of the Doha Asian Games and subsequently redoubled his sporting efforts for his country to host the 2014 World Swimming Championships, the 2019 World Athletics Championships and the 2024 World Aquatics Championships. He also chairs The Qatar Olympic Committee, which had an unsuccessful bid to host the 2020 Olympics, recently opened a monumental Olympic museum in Doha.

Personally, the emir has three wives (according to Islamic law, he can have up to four, provided he provides for all their financial needs and treats them all fairly) and 13 children (seven sons and six daughters). One of them will name him as his successor, a choice that has not yet taken place, as neither of them is yet of age.

His first wife, Jawaher bint Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani, is his second cousin, as according to tradition, the first wife to be married must be related.

Politically, she is the first lady who is the only one who has accompanied Tamim on state trips, such as he was in Spain last spring, when the emir received a precious necklace from King Felipe VI. During the reception, Javaher did not cover her head and wore an elegant Chanel coat accessorized with diamond earrings and an Hermès bag. She also attended Elizabeth II’s funeral in London as the emir’s first wife. The couple married in 2005 and had two sons and two daughters between 2006 and 2012; they all share a love for sports.

His second wife, Al-Anoud bint Mana Al-Khairy, chosen by the emir without any pressure from the family, is the daughter of Qatar’s former ambassador to Jordan; he married her in 2009 and they had five children between 2010 and 2018.

His third and final wife is Nora bint Hattal Al Dosari, whom he married in 2014 and with whom he has four children between 2015 and 2020. As with his first wife, not much information was revealed about and their marriage. Otherwise, when the emir goes on vacation, he travels with his three wives and all the children, as he often does in the summer when he visits Majorca with his 200 million euro luxury yacht.

Of course, none of them match the media popularity of Tamim’s mother, Moza bint Nasser al-Misnedla, the favorite of her father, former Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani’s three wives.

Moza, in addition to being considered one of the most elegant women in the world, as she proved during her official visit to Spain in 2011, has an honorary doctorate from five universities (including Georgetown University) and has always been involved in social and educational fields. Field in Qatar and the world (she was also a UNESCO Special Correspondent). She also chairs Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA), dedicated to promoting fashion in the Arab world.

While the emir puts a large part of his investment in sports, Al-Mayassa does the same in art, spending about 1 billion euros a year on art purchases (in 2015 he bought a Gauguin painting for 300 million euros ), which ArtReview called it the most. powerful woman on the world art scene. She is president of the Qatar Museum, responsible for architectural and cultural treasures such as the Qatar National Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, and has brought exhibitions and works by artists such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Richard Serra to the country.