Amazon forest is burning, three thousand fires in 24 hours

Amazon forest is burning, three thousand fires in 24 hours

In the Brazilian Amazon rainforest devastating fires have been going on for days, reaching a new sad record: 3,358 fires in a single day.

Amidst general indifference, the Amazon is burning at the hands of the man who is destroying the green lung of the world. In the Brazilian Forest devastating fires have been going on for days which this week reached a new sad record: 3,358 fires in a single day.

A record that not only surpassed the sad “day of fire” of 2019, when Brazilian farmers launched a vast logging operation with the support of Bolsonaro, but which had not been recorded for years. last seven days reaching the highest daily average for at least five years.

In fact, in the last seven days there have been 13,174 outbreaks, for an average of 1,882 per day according to data collected via satellite by the Inpe (National Space Research Institute of Brazil). Until now, the worst daily averages recorded by the Inpe under the current government had been recorded in August 2019.

“It was the worst day in August since at least 2017,” explained Ane Alencar, director of Imap, a non-governmental organization that has been dealing with the sustainability of the Amazon for almost thirty years. “We are approaching the middle of the fire season. in the Amazon and we are already recording more than 3,000 outbreaks in a single day, ”he added.

August and September are historically the months characterized by the highest number of fires in the Amazon, coinciding with the period of least rainfall in the region. In the Amazon, however, there are no fires caused by self-combustion but in all cases they are linked to man who for years has been looking for new lands to exploit for agriculture.

In recent days, the fires have focused mainly on the southernmost region of the Amazon, particularly in the state of Pará and in the south of the Amazon. According to the INPE, there is no evidence that the fires of these days are coordinated as they happened three years ago but the origin is always linked to farmers, ranchers and speculators who have been engaged in continuous deforestation for years. Last year, the Amazon had already recorded an increase in fires of 17%, a figure that this year will probably be exceeded further, approaching the point of no return