Australia, man killed by kangaroo: “First fatal attack in 86 years”

Australia, man killed by kangaroo: “First fatal attack in 86 years”

The police, in order to allow the rescue to intervene, shot the animal. The victim kept the marsupial as a “pet”

A 77-year-old Australian man was killed by the kangaroo he kept as a “pet”. This was reported by the BBC, citing local sources. The elder was found lying on the ground by a relative in his home in Redmond, about 400 kilometers south of Perth. When help arrived, the marsupial – still angry – attacked them, preventing them from intervening. The police then made it known that they had been forced to shoot the kangaroo, that he died.

It hadn’t happened for 86 years – As reported by the British newspaper, deadly attacks by kangaroos are very rare in Australia. It would in fact be the first case since 1936, that is 86 years. There are about 50 million kangaroos in the country, which can reach two meters in height and 90 kilograms in weight.

The attacks in 2022 – This is not the first time a kangaroo has attacked a human being in 2022. The BBC recalls two episodes in March and July: in the first case, a 3-year-old girl from New South was at the expense. Wales, who sustained several head injuries; in the second case, a 67-year-old woman from Queensland broke her leg. According to experts, urban development that is undermining the habitat of wild kangaroos is behind these attacks.