Austria, former finance secretary Schmid testifies against Kurz

Austria, former finance secretary Schmid testifies against Kurz

Among other names there are also members of the popular party. Schimdt claims he was pushed to “take all the blame”. According to the testimonies, Kurz was aware of the illicit funding from the Ministry of Finance

Thomas Schmid, the former loyalist of Sebastian Kurz, collaborates with the Austrian justice system and heavily accuses the former chancellor and other leading exponents of the Oevp, the Austrian people’s party.

The corruption investigation

The former CEO of the state holding Oebag and former secretary general of the Austrian Ministry of Finance, Thomas Schmid, has decided to testify against the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz before the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economy and Corruption as part of the investigation that sees involved. The Austrian media reported this, explaining that Schmid was subjected to 15 interrogations, during which he accused the former chancellor Kurz. Collaboration with the investigators, as a ‘key witness’, would avoid him being charged. His deposition, the Austrian press writes, is bound to cause a political earthquake in Austria.

Kurz’s resignation

Schmid claims he was pushed to “take all the blame”. After the searches in October 2021, Kurz would have demanded a written statement from him making it clear that he was unaware of all the allegations. A few days later Kurz resigned last year after allegations of aiding and abetting corruption. According to the testimonies made by Schmid, Kurz was aware of the illegal financing by the Ministry of Finance to pay for polls that should have favored him in the leadership of him and in that of the Ovp, the Austrian People’s Party. Also according to press reports, public funds were used to finance polls piloted for the benefit of the Oevp and Kurz’s political rise.

Kurz is not the only one involved in Schmid’s statements

The maxi-deposition also concerns another leading exponent of the people’s party, the current president of the Austrian parliament Wolfgang Sobotka. As Schmid states, Sobotka would have spent with him on tax audits against two political foundations in the Oevp area. The question would then be “resolved in this sense”. The president of the Nationalrat denies the accusations. Schmid also explains his repentance. “I’ve done things that aren’t right,” he said. The crucial moment would have been when her mother to him “told him that she had not educated him in this sense and that the responsibilities must be assumed”. The former CEO of the state holding company Oebag accuses, among other things, the Austrian tycoon Rene Benko. In the past few hours, some offices of his Signa group have been searched by investigators.

Kurz rejects the accusations

“I am looking forward to proving that these allegations are false, where right and wrong are really decided in Austria. That is to say in court.” Thus Kurz, with a post on Facebook, rejects the accusations raised by Schmid. “Since – writes Kurz – the proceedings in Austria take place not only in court, but also in the media, I reiterate publicly:” For me personally, Thomas Schmid’s statements are not a surprise. He is trying to gain key witness status by making accusations against others, including me, to avoid indictment himself. “According to Kurz,” in his current statements, Thomas Schmid himself claims to have repeatedly lied in his chats and has often told everyone what he wanted to hear. Eventually it will be discovered that this is also the case “, says the former chancellor.