Biden recovered from Covid: “Get vaccinated, the virus is still with us”
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Biden recovered from Covid: “Get vaccinated, the virus is still with us”

“Fortunately, my symptoms have been mild and now i feel great”

“I tested negative for Covid after five days of isolation. Fortunately, my symptoms were mild and now I feel great.” American President Joe Biden said so, then urging Americans to get vaccinated as soon as possible. “Covid is still with us. With the recall of the vaccine the risk of becoming seriously ill is very low,” he added.

(TWITTER) “We know that vaccine boosters are key to providing additional protection against Covid. That’s why I got my second booster.” US President Joe Biden wrote it on Twitter posting the video of his fourth dose of the vaccine, which he received live on TV in the White House. In the film, the reporters can be heard shouting at the president: “How do you feel?” and Biden replying: “Wonderfully”. He widely resonated at the event on the official pages of the White House. “My second booster didn’t hurt at all. If you’re 50 or older or immunocompromised, get your second booster as soon as you’re eligible,” reads the presidential vaccination photo.

The American president also urged people to take the test, free of charge, at home and to take the medicine that has been prescribed, Paxlovid, if necessary. “You can live without fear if you do what I did: recall, tests, medicines,” Biden reiterated.