Biden says he’d meet putin to discuss Griner, but not Ukraine

Biden says he’d meet putin to discuss Griner, but not Ukraine

US President Joe Biden said he’d meet with Vladimir Putin to discuss the release of detained basketball star Brittney Griner, but would not talk with the Russian leader about resolving the war in Ukraine without Kyiv’s involvement.

“It depends on what he wants to discuss,” Biden said of a possible face-to-face with Putin next month in Indonesia. “If he came to me at the G20 and told me he wanted to talk about Griner I would meet him. It depends. I have no intention of negotiating, and no one is ready to negotiate, with Russia over Ukraine, about keeping part of Ukraine. So it would depend. specifically what he wants to discuss “, Biden explained during the interview, pointing out that the negotiations for a solution to the war must involve Kiev. “Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine”, then highlighted the US president, criticizing Putin for committing brutal acts and war crimes. “He miscalculated” with the invasion: “he thought he would be welcomed with open arms, that he would be welcome,” Biden added.

The American president then specified that he does not believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons. “I don’t think he will. But I think it’s irresponsible for him to talk about it. What I meant is that the result would be horrible. He can’t go on talking with impunity about the use of tactical nuclear weapons as if it were a rational thing to do.” Biden explained without going into detail about what the American response might be. The Department of Defense – he added – has proactively developed contingency plans in this regard. Even on a possible US and NATO red line, the president has been evasive. “It would be irresponsible for me to talk about it,” he said, stating that the Pentagon shouldn’t even be asked to define contingency plans.

But Russia isn’t the only foreign policy issue that worries Biden. There is also Saudi Arabia, to which he promises “consequences” after the cut in oil production by OPEC +.

On the domestic front, the US president postponed his decision on 2024 until after the mid-term elections, but said he was sure of “being able to beat Donald Trump again”.

Biden then focused on the case of his son Hunter, who could be accused by the authorities of offenses related to the tax authorities and misrepresentation regarding the purchase of a gun. “I am proud of him”, pointed out the US president. A hint to the economy too: Biden does not foresee a recession, but admits that a “mild” is possible.