Bomb alert, the plane makes a forced landing in Ankara, Turkey

Bomb alert, the plane makes a forced landing in Ankara, Turkey

A flydubai flight from Warsaw to Dubai has been diverted to Istanbul airport in Turkey due to a security threat.

According to foreign media, the Dubai-based carrier’s spokesperson said in a statement to Khaleej Times that the flight landed safely at Ankara International Airport on Thursday, November 24.

“Flydubai flight FZ 1830 from Warsaw International Airport (WAW) to Dubai International (DXB) has been diverted to Ankara International Airport (ESB) on November 24 as a precaution following claims of a security threat. The plane landed safely at 03:17 local time and was confronted by local authorities,” the statement said.

“Our highly trained crew followed standard operating procedures and the aircraft was cleared for departure at 06:47 local time. We apologize to our passengers for any inconvenience caused to their travel plans. The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority.”

Meanwhile, as Anadoly Agency points out, the plane made a forced landing at Esenboga airport in Ankara due to a bomb alert.

As this medium further reports, the crew and 161 passengers were evacuated from the plane while the competent authorities carried out detailed checks of the plane and baggage.

After the check, it was found that it was a false bomb alarm, after which the passengers and the crew returned to the plane which continued the flight to the planned destination.