Brussels, the Kurti-Vučić meeting ends without any epilogue

Brussels, the Kurti-Vučić meeting ends without any epilogue

The meeting in Brussels between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia, Aleksandër Vučić, has ended without any epilogue, this meeting was called by the chief European diplomat, Josep Borrell.

After the meeting lasted four hours, Vucic said that no agreement was reached with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, on the license plate issue. “For unclear reasons, we have reached absolutely no agreement”, said Vucic. He said that the period in the following days will not be easy at all and that this week he will address the Serbian public with a speech. Borrell said last night that he called this “urgent meeting” due to the need to escalate the situation. He initially held separate meetings with Prime Minister Kurti and President Vucic.

Today’s meeting in Brussels was held a day before the start of the implementation of the second phase – the imposition of fines of 150 euros for drivers with illegal license plates.

Serbs in the north of Kosovo, where they constitute the majority, have warned that they will oppose the imposition of fines, just as they have opposed the entire Government’s decision on license plates.

The United States said a day before the meeting that it hopes Kosovo and Serbia will reach an agreement “in the coming days” on the license plate issue, and that “we are actively supporting these efforts.”

The US and the EU have repeatedly asked the Government to postpone the deadline for the re-registration of cars with illegal license plates.