China against the US: “They strangle other countries as cops with George Floyd”

China against the US: “They strangle other countries as cops with George Floyd”

Tweets by Chinese foreign minister Hua Chunying’s assistant against the United States: “We cannot allow the United States to take itself as ‘world policeman’ and treat other countries as George Floyd, whom it can bully and strangle at will.

This is what we read in a tweet just published by Hua Chunying, assistant to the foreign minister of China, giving rise to a real storm that only increases the tension between Beijing and Washington, already skyrocketing after the visit of the House representative, Nancy Pelosi, in Taiwan.

Also, Hua Chunying on Twitter also added: “The United States should immediately stop interfering in China’s internal affairs for any reason or under any pretext, immediately stop using tactics to empty the principle of one China. They must stop immediately. enhance substantial trade with Taiwan and immediately stop arms sales to Taiwan. “

Then she went on to directly criticize Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. “If the United States were truly a responsible country, it should have prevented Pelosi’s aggression soon and would have had to remove the many military ships and planes that he has deployed right at the gates of China.” The essence of the Taiwan affair, she stressed, “is not a democratic question, but a matter of important principle on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China”.

Also, today, Beijing announced that it will halt cooperation with the United States in a series of dossiers, including job talks on climate change and defense. Various communication and cooperation mechanisms are also suspended, including dialogue on maritime security mechanisms, drug cooperation, transnational crime and illegal immigration. Meanwhile, as reported by the Washington Post, the White House has summoned the Chinese ambassador to condemn the escalation of Beijing’s actions against Taiwan and reiterate that the United States does not want a crisis in the region.