China begins military maneuvers around Taiwan, the island’s government: “We are preparing for war”

China begins military maneuvers around Taiwan, the island’s government: “We are preparing for war”

The largest Chinese military exercise around Taiwan has started and will continue for 48 hours. Seven areas around the island are off-limits The Taiwanese authority’s attack: it is naval blockade

“We prepare for war without seeking war”, with this statement the Taiwan Ministry of Defense replied to the largest military exercise encircled around the island of Taiwan, which further raised the level of tension after the disputed visit of the speaker of the US Chamber of Deputies, Nancy Pelosi, defined an action as “manic, irresponsible and highly irrational” by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi.

“The Ministry of National Defense stresses that it will adhere to the principle of preparing for war without seeking war”, reads the statement after the start of the largest military maneuvers ever made off the coast of Taiwan. Basically, a test of strength by the Chinese army.

“China has made the best diplomatic effort to avoid the crisis, but it will never allow its fundamental interests to be harmed” explained the head of diplomacy in Beijing, adding that “The measures implemented now and those in the future are defensive countermeasures. necessary and timely, carefully considered and evaluated, aimed at safeguarding national sovereignty and security, in line with international and national law “

Beijing explained that live bullets will be fired during the exercises, which affect seven large areas around Taiwan. Official media recall that large-scale maneuvers also include artillery strikes and missile firing, which is why the area is off-limits to navigation and overflight.

The exercise started at 12 today Thursday 4 August, 6 am in Italy, and will continue until the same time on Monday. In fact, the Taiwanese government has said that China has added another no-go zone to its own
military maneuvers, bringing them to seven, and extended the time until Monday compared to previous news that indicated Sunday as the deadline.

Beijing has banned the area from aircraft and ships of all kinds. “During these real combat exercises, six main areas around the island were selected and during this period all ships and planes should not enter the relevant sea and airspace areas” in fact explain from the Chinese Defense Ministry.

The seven zones, which practically surround the island of Taiwan, in some places even overlap the Taiwanese territorial waters and are located opposite and very close to key ports. For this reason, the Taiwanese authorities have accused China of having conducted a naval blockade under the excuse of an exercise.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said its armed forces “operate as usual” and monitor the surrounding environment. “We don’t seek any escalation, but we don’t stop when it comes to our security and sovereignty,” the ministry said.

Shortly before the drills began, the Taiwan Defense Department instead issued a statement accusing the Chinese government of “irrational behavior”. The exercises have “the intention of changing the status quo and disrupting regional peace and stability”, reads a statement which adds: “The national army will continue to strengthen its alert and troops at all levels will lead daily training “.

Meanwhile, the United States Navy has said that the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is conducting scheduled operations in the Philippine Sea, in the western Pacific, in a stretch of ocean that includes the waters south-east of Taiwan. “The USS Ronald Reagan and her strike group are crossing in the Philippine Sea and continue normal scheduled operations as part of routine patrols in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” said a spokesman for the Navy’s Seventh Fleet. Use.