Chinese ships enter Japan’s territorial waters

Chinese ships enter Japan’s territorial waters

Chinese coast guard vessels have entered Japanese territorial waters around the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, Japan’s coast guard said, Anadolu Agency (AA) reports.

According to the Japan Coast Guard 11th Area Headquarters in Okinawa Prefecture’s Naha District, two Chinese Coast Guard vessels have violated Japanese national territorial waters.

Ships sailing in the area that is part of Japanese territorial waters attempted to approach Japanese fishing vessels around Minamikojima Island at 02:40 local time.

It was reported that Japanese coast guard units, which have warned Chinese vessels to leave the region, have ensured the safety of the fishing vessels.

In the East China Sea, the archipelago called “Senkaku” by Japan and “Diaoyu” by China, consists of 5 islands and 3 rocks.

The uninhabited islands, which are owned by Japan but claimed by China, have long sparked disputes over sovereignty.