CIA: “There is no proof that Putin is sick”

CIA: “There is no proof that Putin is sick”

According to William Burns, head of the US agency, the Russian president “is only too healthy”

Despite constant speculation that Vladimir Putin may be ill or have mental problems, the CIA points out that there is not enough evidence to prove it. “There is no information that Vladimir Putin is unstable or in poor health,” clarified the director of the intelligence agency, William Burns, who also joked that the Russian leader seems “all too healthy”.

The Daily Mail had started talking about an alleged illness of the Russian president in March, citing several Western intelligence reports. Since then, the state of health of the head of the Kremlin had been monitored, so much so that every public appearance of him had been studied. The walk, the gestures and the expressions on his face had now been targeted by everyone. According to initial research Putin could have been suffering from a problem of dementia or Parkinson’s. And, again, there was also talk of a cancer to be treated with drugs that cause visible swelling of the face. The head of the Ukrainian 007, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, also confirmed the cancer thesis in May in an interview with Sky News, but had not provided any details or proof of his claims.

“Putin has cancer”, US intelligence evidence – According to the weekly Newsweek, in April, Putin underwent treatment for an advanced stage of cancer. The information would have been contained in a confidential report drawn up by US intelligence. The indiscretion, disclosed to the weekly by three American intelligence leaders, who had personally read the document, had reached the culmination of months of rumors about the alleged health problems of the Russian president, shortly after being denied by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.