Concert in Guatemala ends in a bloodbath: nine dead and twenty wounded in the crowd

Concert in Guatemala ends in a bloodbath: nine dead and twenty wounded in the crowd

The concert of the Quetzaltenango fair, organized to celebrate the 201 years of independence of the country, has turned into a tragedy. Nine people died in the crowd, twenty wounded. The causes of the massacre are uncertain.

The concert was organized to celebrate the country’s 201 years of independence. At the Quetzaltenango fair (also known as “Xela”), the third largest city in the country by number of inhabitants, that ended up in blood and cries of desperation: nine people lost their lives and another twenty were injured, in what local fire have called it a “human avalanche”. It all happened in the night between Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September.

The concert, scheduled for some time, was attended by various bands from all over the country. The event was followed live by the broadcaster La Voz de Xela. But around midnight, as the local rock band “Bohemia Suburbana” closed the show, a throng of people formed and pushed each other towards the exit. Others, however, pushed to enter. Some of them lost their balance in the crowd and fell to the ground. Being crushed by the crowd.

The reason for this sudden and hasty flight, at the moment, remains a mystery. Numerous ambulances have rushed to the scene, while the judiciary and the national police are at work to try to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident. Authorities did not report the names of the deceased. According to La Voz De Xela, there are also two minors among the victims of the massacre.

“When we got to the exit, they started to push. The ones in front fell and they all came on me. They pushed me, my mother and my little sister were underneath,” one of the men told Prensa Libre. survivors of the bloodbath. On social media you can read mixed messages of condolence and indignation. So writes a user on Twitter about it: “The tragedy of Xela is nothing more than a valid representation of what is happening in the country: some trample the other. And the weakest will always be the victims”.