Covid China, cases quadrupled during the Communist Party Congress: tests and isolation return

Covid China, cases quadrupled during the Communist Party Congress: tests and isolation return

Anti-Covid measures return to Beijing after new cases have quadrupled in recent days, while the Communist Party congress is underway: controls in crowded places and mini lockdowns in residential complexes with suspected infections are underway.

In China there is talk of the Covid-19 emergency. Infections have in fact quadrupled in recent days while the Communist Party congress is underway, which should give President Xi Jinping his third term.

The Chinese capital, which has 21 million residents, reported 18 locally transmitted cases on Wednesday, bringing the last 10 day tally to 197, four times the infections detected in the previous 10 days. Small numbers compared to other countries, but sufficient to trigger the measures of the government, which has always been oriented towards the “Zero Covid” policy.

Therefore, checks have been intensified in the most crowded places, including supermarkets and gyms, as well as tests and some residential complexes closed with suspicious cases: in this case it was a three-day mini lockdown, which could also be extended in the case where new infections emerge. “Make sure no one is overlooked,” the authorities said

In his speech to Congress on Sunday, President Xi defended the strict zero-Covid policy, which has isolated China from a world that is slowly trying to return to pre-pandemic normalcy. Xi said the uncompromising approach “puts people and their lives above all else.” In other words, activity blocks, mass testing, quarantines, travel restrictions are all measures that will remain for the foreseeable future.

The country is preparing to face a possible new epidemic wave. Also in Shanghai, the authorities are planning a series of interventions to immediately stop a further increase in cases. In particular, construction is underway on a 3,250-bed quarantine center on a small island near the city center.