​Cyber attack in Australia, federal government plans to take action

​Cyber attack in Australia, federal government plans to take action

After a massive cyber attack on major Australian phone network Optus hit the data of 9.8 million citizens, the federal government plans to take measures to allow the company to share with banks the data of affected users and other attacks, so that they can take precautions against potential fraud.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said she had held a meeting with secret service officials.

“The Australian Signals Department plans measures so that banks and other financial institutions are immediately notified of significant data breaches affecting their customers. Australian companies must do everything they can to protect their customers’ data.”

The Federal Police announced that they are aware of reports that stolen data and credentials of Optus users may be sold through a number of platforms.

Meanwhile, the authorities are verifying the authenticity of a post that threatens to sell data on the Internet if “Optus” does not pay a ransom of one million dollars.

Optus chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin declined to say who was behind the attack, how it was executed or how many accounts were compromised because the investigation is ongoing, but described it as a “significant number” involving existing customers. and previous.