Demonstrations in Iran: high school girls take to the streets

Demonstrations in Iran: high school girls take to the streets

Even the youngest are joining the protests that have begun in the universities. The body of Nika Shakarami, 17, disappeared after participating in a demonstration was found

For almost three weeks, protests have continued in Iran in the name of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died after being arrested by the moral police for not wearing the veil correctly. Yesterday high school students demonstrated on the streets in various cities removing their veils and since last week many university students have joined the demonstrations. News and images arrive from the country with difficulty, also because the authorities have limited the use of the Internet.

Meanwhile, at least 620 protesters are detained “who did not play a role in the sabotage” and who were released last night in Tehran.

This was announced by the Iranian press agency Irna according to which the deputy head of the Iranian judiciary Kazem Gharibabadi yesterday visited the central prison of the capital, in Hasanabad south of Tehran, and spoke with some people detained after taking part in the protests for Mahsa Amini.

During the visit, Gharibabadi stressed that “Islamic piety will allow the release” of those among the prisoners who “despite having committed illegal acts” have not participated in sabotage or attacks on the police.

Those who did not find pity or liberation, however, were Nika Shakarami, 17, who disappeared after participating in a demonstration in Tehran for Mahsa’s death. Her lifeless body was found by her family after ten days, with a broken nose and a smashed head. In her last message from her, a voice note sent to one of her friends, she said she was being chased by the security forces, her aunt Atash Shakarami told BBC Persian.

Anger has exploded on social media for yet another victim of the violent repression of protests, activists and demonstrators have published photos and videos of the girl: in one released today we see Nika Shakarami singing and acting.

According to the AP news agency, the prosecutor of the western province of Lorestan, Dariush Shahoonvand, denied any wrongdoing by the authorities and said the girl was buried in her village on Monday. “Foreign enemies tried to create a tense and anxious atmosphere after this incident,” the prosecutor told the Hamshari newspaper, without providing further details on the incident.

Also on social media, there are many gestures of solidarity towards Iranian women and many international stars are symbolically cutting their hair.