Elon Musk’s ax on Twitter: He will fire half of the employees

Elon Musk’s ax on Twitter: He will fire half of the employees

About 3,700 people could lose their jobs as early as Friday. With some exceptions, smart working could also be abolished. Advertisers’ alarm

Elon Musk aims to halve Twitter’s workforce by firing 3,700 employees. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency by reporting some anonymous sources, according to which the cuts could start as early as Friday. The entrepreneur, in fact, apparently, in an effort to cut costs, would plan to eliminate about half of the social media company’s workforce.
According to Bloomberg, Musk also intends to reverse the company’s current policy with regard to agile work, by requesting the presence of employees, with some exceptions.

According to anonymous sources, the terms of the staff reduction could still change, however, and the modalities of the staff cut would have been decided by Musk together with some consultants.

Previously Musk, through a tweet, had already denied an article in the “New York Times” that said that he would have fired Twitter employees before November 1, the date on which the staff were to receive the awards in shares in the context. of their remuneration.