Emerald, killed at 18 by her drug addict boyfriend

Emerald, killed at 18 by her drug addict boyfriend

The killer of Emerald Wardle, an 18-year-old Australian, was convinced on the day of the murder that the girl was “a soul-sucking demon”. Sentenced to 11 years.

The image shows a girl in her prime, of innate beauty, with her pale eyes and long blond hair. She sticks her tongue out as she looks at the camera next to her new car. It is a photo of Emerald Wardle, a young 18-year-old. In June 2020, she was strangled to death by her drug addict boyfriend at their home in Metford, Australia.

The photo was taken by a family friend, Tania Simshauser, just three days before her brutal killer: the last time Mrs Simshauser had seen the young woman still alive. For her, the girl was like a daughter. The shot was made public two days ago by the victim’s mother, after the conviction of her killer boyfriend on 6 October: Jordan Brodie Miller, 22, will have to serve 11 years in prison and another 13 on probation for the murder. by Emerald.

After strangling her to death, the young man was found in a daze by the police. “If you enter the bathroom, you will find him in there, the demon. Help me!”, The young man had told the agents, when they had presented themselves to the couple’s house. Also Miller, in the river of his delirium, had told the police that he had “a spiritual enlightenment after taking an acid” and that “the demon was trying to suck his soul”.

During the trial, defense attorney Peter Krisenthal argued before Newcastle Supreme Court justices that his client suffered from “chronic undiagnosed schizophrenia,” exacerbated by habitual drug use.

But prosecutor Lee Carr rejected this thesis, arguing that the psychotropic effects of the drug on the young man’s mind were instead the main reason behind his violent actions. According to the accusation, net of the use of drugs, the killer was therefore perfectly aware “that he was killing a human being and not a demon who had cursed him”.

Miller was a sophomore college student and part-time gas station worker. From the investigation, it emerged that the boy had been using drugs since he was about 14 – especially Cannabis and LSD – always taking care to hide his excesses from the people around him. But the investigators did not find that the young man had ever developed real psychiatric pathologies following his drug addiction.

“She was not a demon, she was my daughter and the absolute love of my life – the victim’s mother would have said to Mrs. Simshauser, outside the courtroom – Emmy died because she loved and trusted a monster”.

Emerald Wardle and her boyfriend, Jordan Miller