Employees are leaving Twitter in droves

Employees are leaving Twitter in droves

Hundreds of Twitter workers are estimated to have left after their new boss, Elon Musk, sent a memo demanding “long, high-intensity hours” as a condition of their employment.

Musk had already laid off half of Twitter’s employees, leaving only 3,000 or so, when he then sent out a team email giving Twitter employees a choice to become “extremely active” or quit. Many of them apparently chose to leave.

The drama follows weeks of her own, including Twitter employees using the platform to disparage their new boss, dismissing his claims and berating him for “starving to death” after he skipped lunches at a price of 386 euros ($400) per month, these lunches that no one was showing up to eat.

The latest furor stemmed from a series of emails in which Musk said he would consider firing managers.

Twitter employees are getting a lot of love and sympathy on Twitter from the “blue tick brigade,” who are horrified at the idea that you could be fired for publicly humiliating your boss or refusing to show up for work.

But it’s hard to explain to people in the laptop classroom how strange this all sounds to industrial workers. You’re asked to show up for work and you tell your boss no – and you’re the victim here?

This is simply not something we can imagine escaping. We have to get dressed and drive to work – and pay exorbitant fuel prices to do so. We have to wait in traffic in the morning, or take public transport associated with crime. We don’t have the luxury of sitting at home in our pajamas, writes Charles Stallworth for the NY Post.

The craziest thing of all is if you spend any time on Twitter these days, it’s clear the left hopes Twitter fails under Musk. They vehemently opposed its takeover and now seem ready for the site to implode.

That’s because they were taught that Twitter was on their side politically. And under Musk, there is real competition of ideas again. Conservatives have been given a chance to speak again. It’s almost as if liberal and leftist elites think that if they can’t control Twitter, no one should have access to it.