Erdogan to Putin: ready to seek a peaceful solution

Erdogan to Putin: ready to seek a peaceful solution

“The Russian President is grateful to us for our mediation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Turkey is ready to contribute to the search for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian conflict: the Turkish presidency office has announced.

Erdogan discussed the war in Ukraine with Putin over a phone call. During the meeting, the Turkish president “reaffirmed that he is ready to do his part for the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian question, in a way that can be an advantage for all”, announced the presidential communications directorate of Ankara.

Erdogan said his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin personally congratulated him during a phone call for Turkey’s mediation efforts in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This was announced by Anadolu.

LGBT rights are a degeneration

Erdogan called LGBT rights “degeneration” while discussing amendments to the Constitution with journalists returning from the European summit in Prague. “Recently, they have introduced LGBT rights into society, trying to degenerate our family structure. So, we will do what it takes,” said Erdogan, as reported by Anadolu, proposing amendments to the Constitution to protect the right of women to wear the Islamic veil. in public.

Securing the whole Turkish part of Cyprus

Erdogan said Turkey must “secure the entire perimeter” of the Turkish part of Cyprus, a self-proclaimed Republic in 1983 in the northern part of the island and recognized only by Ankara. Erdogan’s statement comes after the announcement that Ankara will send more soldiers and new weapons to the Turkish Cypriots, in recent days by the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in reaction to the decision of the United States to lift the embargo on the sale of arms to the Greek Cypriot administration of Nicosia.