Europe will study the viability of having solar farms in space

Europe will study the viability of having solar farms in space

The European Space Agency (ESA) is likely to approve a three-year study on the possibility of setting up solar farms in space to produce electricity, according to the BBC on Tuesday.

Research ministers will consider the idea at a meeting in Paris on Tuesday, as the Solaris Initiative will be the first to lay the groundwork for a practical plan to develop a space-based renewable energy generation system. he reported.

During the meeting, the budget for the next phase of ESA’s plans for space exploration, environmental monitoring and communication will be decided.

Speaking to the BBC, ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher said he believed solar energy from space could be of “huge” help in addressing future energy shortages.

“We need to transform into a carbon neutral economy and therefore change the way we produce energy and especially reduce the fossil fuel share of our energy production,” he added.

“That would be absolutely fantastic,” Aschbacher said as it would solve a lot of problems in that regard.

The agency is seeking funding from member countries for the Solaris research program to see if these developments mean it is now possible to develop space-based solar power reliably and cheaply enough to make it economically viable, it reported BBC.