Eurostat: Albania, the country with the highest energy poverty in Europe

Eurostat: Albania, the country with the highest energy poverty in Europe

Albania is the country with the highest percentage in Europe for the number of families in energy poverty.

This survey compiled by the well-known website Statista, based on Eurostat data, shows that 35.8% of Albanian families in 2021 do not have adequate access to energy products.

This means that almost 1 in 3 Albanian families do not have the opportunity to use oil, gas or electricity for transportation, lighting or heating during the winter.

Albania surpasses even the countries of the region, while leaving Turkey and Greece behind. The European Union average for the number of households in energy poverty is 6.9%, while Albania is 30% above the average. According to the definition of the European Union, energy poverty occurs even when the energy bill is at a high percentage of the family’s income, which forces them to reduce consumption to a degree that negatively affects their health and well-being.

While the government has promised the provision of electricity during the winter, it can be seen that even with the current price of 9.5 lek since 2015, our country has not improved the indicator, while the increase in energy costs would further burden consumers, as Eurostat states that Albania is the first in the region for the most expensive price.

The Secretariat of Energy, which coordinates EU energy policies with those of the Western Balkans, has recommended that countries with high energy poverty should definitely develop a national plan to reduce it.