First image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

First image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

Biden unveils first image from Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope (NBC News)

A historic day “: so American President Joe Biden, unveiling the first color image captured by the James Webb space telescope, the most powerful ever sent into orbit.

It is, said the US president during a ceremony at the White House, a “new window on our universe”, capable of capturing the light coming from 13 billion years ago. The international collaboration that produced the telescope, Biden said, represents how “America leads the world.” The $ 10 billion project was carried out by the US, the European space agency and Canada.

The image released today is the “deepest view of the universe ever captured,” as NASA explains. This is the greatest distance, both in physical and temporal terms, that humanity has been able to reach with its tools. Launched last December, the James Webb Space Telescope reached its observation point in January, one million miles from Earth.