Forgot your Android phone password? Here is the solution

Forgot your Android phone password? Here is the solution

It has happened to all of us at least once. We set a login password on the smartphone and – we forgot it.

Maybe it’s a new phone and a new password you set in a hurry, or an old phone that’s been sitting in a drawer somewhere and now you’ve remembered that you have some data you need on it.

Whatever happened, don’t despair. All is not lost, especially if you have an Android phone. There is a way to access phone data without password.

Alternative unlocking methods

First, check if there are alternative ways to unlock. Smartphones today offer fingerprint, face recognition, password and PIN unlocking. If you forgot your PIN, maybe you can unlock it with your fingerprint? Perhaps the character of a family member has been added?

Connect it to your computer

Some Android phones will allow you to use data if you connect the phone to a computer. A USB cable like the one used to charge the device will be sufficient for this.

But whether it will work depends on several parameters. From the Android version, through the device model, a special data management program that had to be installed before, even the Windows version in use.

Try connecting your device to your computer and see if it allows you to transfer documents or photos to your computer. If he offers, save what can be saved. If it doesn’t offer, try another way to unlock the device.

Unlock old models with Google recovery

If it’s an older phone, you can try restoring access using Google recovery. This unlocking method will reset the password you set, but will not erase the data on the device.

For devices running Android 4.4 or older, just enter the wrong password five times in a row. After the last incorrect entry, the “Forgot model” option will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just click on that option and enter your details to login to Google. After that, the device will be unlocked and will ask you to create a new password.

Unlock the latest models with Find My Device

Devices running Android 5 and above have an additional security option that makes it easier for owners to locate (and unlock) the device. The only problem is that this option must be enabled on the device itself.

On the other hand, if you have the Find My Device option enabled (and you can check it in your phone’s settings), all you need to do is access the Find My Device page on your computer. You will need your Google account and password. From the list of devices registered to that account, select the desired phone. On the map you will be able to see where the phone is located, lock it (although this is not necessary in this case), but also delete the data.

Although it may not be the best option if you want to get some data from that device, it can be a good solution if you want to donate the device, trade it for a new one at a store or sell it. We remind you that in this way you will be left without the data on the device and it will return to the factory settings.

Factory reset unlock

This is the option you should try last, as it means you will lose all personal data stored on that phone. Factory reset can be done by pressing a combination of keys on the phone, the keys of which depend on the manufacturer and model of the phone.

If you are among those who have installed regular updates and created a safe copy of your data in the cloud (mostly like a Google backup), you will lose a minimal amount of data. If not, prepare to lose everything.

Samsung has its own version of Find My Device

Samsung device users can try Samsung’s Find My Mobile option. To do this, they need to log in to Samsung’s Find My Mobile page with their user details and select the device associated with their account that needs to be unlocked.

After that, just select the Unlock option and the device will be unlocked and you will be asked to enter a new password.