He leaves his son in the car under the sun to have a drink with his brother: a 3-year-old died

He leaves his son in the car under the sun to have a drink with his brother: a 3-year-old died

He left his 3-year-old son in the car to go for a drink. The little one was stuck in the passenger compartment of the car for at least 30 minutes, exposed to an external temperature of 37 degrees. The events took place in Andana, Turkey.

Siffedin Malahaji, 34, left his little son in the car with a promise to come back soon to pick him up. The man had to meet his father and brother to have a drink together.

When he returned to the parking lot, he noticed that the little boy had died in the passenger seat. The 34-year-old immediately alerted the authorities and rescue, explaining that he had left the child in the shade and had kept the windows open.

“I didn’t think he could die,” the distraught man said to the police who rushed to the scene of the tragedy.

“He was falling asleep and I did not want to wake him – said the 34-year-old father -. I left the windows open and I parked the car in the shade, convinced that it would be enough”. According to what was ascertained by the rescuers, however, the child’s health conditions would rapidly deteriorate after 30 minutes in the car alone.

The doctors rushed the baby to the hospital to try to save his life, but for him there was already nothing more to be done.

The sun reached the car in a short time, suffocating the child sitting on the passenger seat despite the open window. The passenger compartment of the car soon became hot and the child was unable to ask for help. In fact, none of the passers-by noticed his desperate conditions.

“I do not wish anyone this pain – said the grandfather of the little victim to the local press -. His father just wanted to pay us a short visit, he did not think such a thing could happen. On his return he found the dead child. Generally, it could happen to anyone, I’m sure. He didn’t act unconscious because he left the car in the shade and the windows open. Unfortunately, the temperatures were too high and the precautions were useless “.