How much does the most popular YouTuber in the world earn?

How much does the most popular YouTuber in the world earn?

It has over 111 million subscribers. MrBeast has surpassed PewDiePie as the most subscribed YouTube creator in the world.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has officially become the most followed influencer on YouTube with 111 million subscribers and counting.

Dexerto tweeted a clip showing the moment it happened, with MrBeast gaining tens of thousands of followers in a single day. After reaching his goal of 100 million subscribers in July, MrBeast has continued to grow his fan base.

He earns $5 million a month According to Forbes, the 24-year-old earned $54 million in 2021 and his net worth is currently $25 million.

The YouTuber reportedly earns around $5 million per month, making him the highest paid content creator on YouTube. MrBeast has had his channel for 10 years, and his platform began to expand in 2017 due to impressive adventures and cash prizes.

In a 2018 video titled “How I Gave Away $1,000,000?”, MrBeast explained to fans how he amassed such a fortune through the platform, adding that with the help of companies, he was able to donate the money.

Agreement with brands As his YouTube subscribers began to grow, he was rewarded with contracts with various brands. His first contract was worth $5,000, but instead of spending the money on himself, he came up with a way to get attention.

He gave the money to an unknown person and registered it. Of course, videos of this type always attract attention, so these ideas became the key to his success.