Iran: 17 dead since the beginning of the protests for Mahsa Amini

Iran: 17 dead since the beginning of the protests for Mahsa Amini

Anger explodes in Iran over the story of the girl who died under suspicious circumstances after being arrested by the police for wearing the hijab badly.

The wave of protests in Iran triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old who died last September 16 in Tehran after a police arrest for not wearing the Islamic hijab correctly, does not stop.

According to Iranian state TV, 17 people have been killed so far in the demonstrations, while the human rights association Hengaw Organization for Human Rights highlights how the protests that took place between streets, universities, subway station bazaars have led to the arrest of over 500 people.

More worrying would be the real death toll, according to the NGO: at least 31 civilians were killed during the repression of the protests, according to the same NGO based in Oslo. “The Iranian people took to the streets for their fundamental rights and their human dignity and the government is responding to their peaceful protest with bullets,” said the director of the NGO, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, in a statement. total after six days of protests.

Meanwhile, Mahsa’s father points his finger at the authorities: they allegedly lied about his daughter’s death. Seoncod Amjad Amini the doctors refused to show him his daughter after the death: “They are lying. They are telling lies. Everything is a lie … they do not care how much I begged, they did not allow me to see my daughter,” he told the Bbc Persia, covered by other international media.

The man also reported that when he saw his daughter’s body before the funeral it was completely wrapped except for her face and feet, which were bruised: “I have no idea what they did to her,” he said.

Authorities in Tehran said the young woman passed away after suffering a “heart attack” and falling into a coma, but her family claimed she had no heart problems, according to Emtedad News, an independent Iranian media.