UK, Johnson: “Nobody is indispensable in politics, we will still support Ukraine”

UK, Johnson: “Nobody is indispensable in politics, we will still support Ukraine”

The premier announced his resignation, clarifying that he will remain in office until October when his successor is elected

“The will of the Conservative party is that there must be a new leader and therefore a new premier. This is why I welcome the requests of the parliamentarians and from today a process begins to choose this leader”. The outgoing British premier, Boris Johnson said this, announcing that he will remain in office until the election of a successor to the leadership of the Tories scheduled for October. “In Westminister there is a wind of change – he added -. In politics no one is indispensable”. Johnson then assured that “Great Britain will continue to support Ukraine” even after his departure.

“I have agreed with Sir Graham Brady (chairman of the 1922 committee) that the process of selecting a new leader should begin now and the timetable will be announced next week,” Johnson clarified. “Today we have appointed the new ministers in the vacant posts,” he said again, stressing that until his replacement is found, “the public interest will be served.” To “Westminister there is a wind of change”, but “in politics no one is indispensable” and “I will support my successor” he assured. “We have a great system that will produce a leader who will carry this country forward even in difficult times.”

The future of the United Kingdom “is together” and will be “golden”, continued the British Prime Minister. such boundless British originality and so willing to tackle old problems in new ways. While things may seem dark at times now, our future together is golden,” Johnson said.

BoJo said he was “immensely proud” of having completed Brexit in his three years as head of government. The premier also claimed among his merits that of having brought the country out of Covid restrictions as the first in Europe, of having brought home a year of economic growth and the absolute record of employment in the Kingdom. However, he admitted that the majority of the Conservative Party now wants another leader and that some will be “happy” to say goodbye to him, while still insisting on being proud, albeit regretting the impossibility of carrying out other major projects of the program.

“I tried to convince my colleagues that it would be bizarre to change with such a broad mandate and with so many things to do and important goals achieved” and “considering the complex economic scenarios”, “I am sorry that I was unable to convince Parliament and the “and” party “I am sad to give up the best job in the world” but “I assure you that your interest will be served at all times”, assured Johnson finally.