King Charles III speaks to the nation

King Charles III speaks to the nation

The monarch made the same solemn promise his mother had made 70 years ago

From Buckingham Palace King Charles III addressed the nation for his first speech after Queen Elizabeth’s death. “I address you today with a feeling of deep sadness and pain,” he said. “I renew my mother’s promise to serve you all my life,” King Charles added using the same formula that her mother used 70 years ago when she ascended the throne.

My beloved mother source of inspiration – King Charles addressed the nation tonight in his first speech as sovereign to point to the passing of Queen Elizabeth as a source of “inspiration” for millions of people, for himself and for his family real. Carlo spoke of the queen who passed away on Thursday as his “beloved mother” and emphasized her “spirit of service” and “devotion” to her duty, but also her “human” warmth “. Not without expressing” gratitude. “towards him.

The promise as my mother 70 years ago – “In the Queen’s devotion, today I promise to serve the Constitution of our nation as long as I am alive in the UK and wherever you live. I will be at your service with loyalty, respect and love.” This is the formula used to give Charles III paraphrasing what Queen Elizabeth herself said in her speech about hers in her first coronation speech. Queen Elizabeth “made sacrifices and her dedication as sovereign never gave way in moments of joy and sadness”. “The institutions of the state have changed but despite changes and challenges our nation has continued to prosper and flourish. Our values ​​must remain firm and constant,” said King Charles III.

“I am counting on my beloved Camilla, she will be up to it” – “It is a” moment of great change for my family, I am counting on the love of my beloved wife Camilla. Since we got married she has become my queen consort, I know she will live up to her role as her. ”Charles III said this in his first address to the nation as a king.

William my successor as Duke of Cornwall” – King Charles announced to the nation the appointment of William, his eldest son and new heir to the throne, as “Prince of Wales” and Kate as Princess of Wales: “William will assume the Scottish title and he will be my successor as Duke of Cornwall, and will assume the responsibilities that I have assumed for 50 years. “

I have affection for Harry and Meghan” – “I have affection for Harry and Megan, I hope they continue to build their life overseas”.