King Charles III Net Worth After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

King Charles III Net Worth After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

The personal fortune of the new King of England would be approximately £ 100 million. The sovereign’s personal wallet adds to the legacy of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family account.

King Charles III will be officially crowned as the new ruler of the United Kingdom in several months, following the conclusion of the funeral ceremonies for Elizabeth II. His investiture has encountered several obstacles: among these the possible “diplomatic incident” with Scotland, which could decide not to lend the stone of Scone for the coronation, the global economic crisis that is putting the country in difficulty and that could jeopardize his ability to pay for such a majestic event and the low popularity of the new 73-year-old monarch.

Most of the subjects, in fact, would have liked Charles III to abdicate in favor of his eldest son William. However, this was not the case and the former Prince welcomed the Crown immediately after the death of his mother. Before the investiture, Carlo was involved in charities and in the care of his patrimony.

The heritage of the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth

According to estimates by Forbes magazine, the assets of the British royal family are approximately 28 billion dollars. Everything comes largely from castles and jewels. Queen Elizabeth alone, on the other hand, could count on a personal wallet of 550 million pounds.

The late Queen also had a second estate owned by the British crown. This last account, however, belongs to the Nation and is not available to the sovereign: the King or Queen, in fact, are only its custodians, but cannot dispose of it financially.

How much is the estate of King Charles III

Up to now, Charles III has been able to count on a personal fortune of 100 million pounds. In fact, over the years he has collected various revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall and from a series of residences throughout the United Kingdom. The new King also has several luxury homes in England.

His already rich private wallet joins the royal family and the Queen’s personal account. Furthermore, from now on, the sovereign will also be the guardian of the Nation’s money which, however, cannot be used.