Kosovo: Borell was one-sided, he sided with the aggressor

Kosovo: Borell was one-sided, he sided with the aggressor

After today’s meeting in Brussels between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia, Aleksander Vučić, which ended without an agreement, the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, reacted. She said the first rule of any mediation process is impartiality. In a reaction, on the Facebook social network, Osmani said that the head of the EU for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borell, sided with Serbia in this meeting mediated by him.

“What we saw today from Mr. Borrell was blatantly biased, accommodating the aggressor and presenting a completely distorted reality. If Borrell had respected the basic principles of neutrality, he would have mentioned to Serbia at least some of these violated agreements of Brussels, instead of accusing Kosovo”, declared Osmani.

The President of Kosovo has mentioned 15 points where Serbia has not respected the agreements.

Below you can read all the remarks she gave:

1. Violation of the obligation to dismantle parallel illegal criminal structures, as required in the Agreement of 2013. On the contrary, these structures are today supported, financed and armed by Vučić, with the aim of attacking Kosovo in the style of Putin’s plan;

2. Non-implementation of the Implementation Plan of the 2013 Agreement, which requires both sides to adopt amnesty laws. Until now, only Kosovo has approved it;

3. Violation of obligations from the Agreement of 2013, related to the holding of elections, where Serbia has continuously incited attacks on Serbian parties that were not considered loyal to the government of Serbia. This has been confirmed several times by the reports of international election observation teams;

4. The continuous violation of point 14 of the Agreement, where it is required that Serbia does not block Kosovo’s European path;

5. Violation of points 9, 10 and 11 of the 2013 Agreement, which foresees the integration of Serbs in the police, judiciary, etc. Moreover, in recent days we have seen flagrant violations of this agreement with the signing of contracts with illegal institutions of Serbia and no reaction from the EU;

6. Blocking the implementation of the energy agreement for almost 10 years;

7. Non-implementation of the agreement on free movement, through the prohibitions, which Serbia made many officials and citizens of Kosovo of all profiles to enter Serbia, non-acceptance of documents issued by Kosovo, etc.;

8. Non-implementation of the agreement on justice, by placing seals on the original documents of the courts and other bodies of Kosovo with the inscription “Republic of Serbia – Kosovo and Metohija – under the administration of the UN and Resolution 1244.”;

9. Non-implementation of the Agreement for Liaison Offices by not allowing the expansion of the staff of the liaison offices as the parties had agreed;

10. Violation of the customs agreement, where Serbia still uses parallel customs stamps, etc.;

11. Violation of the cadastre agreement, where there is no progress in Serbia’s obligations to deliver the original cadastre documents;

12. Violation of the agreement on diplomas, in which there is also no progress on the part of Serbia;

13. Violation of the agreement on the Ibri bridge, encouraging illegal structures to continue with illegal activities by blocking the traffic of vehicles;

14. Violation of the regional representation agreement, attempting to block Kosovo’s participation and misinterpreting the footnote agreement in any regional or European Union organization, be it governmental, parliamentary or other level meetings;

15. Violation of obligations for the functioning of border points.

The list, as the president of Kosovo says, is longer than that.

“Peace and stability cannot be achieved by accommodating those with hegemonic ambitions. But, Kosovo will never give up the clear goal of long-term peace and stability as well as law and order throughout its territory”, President Vjosa Osmani wrote on her Facebook network.

President Osmani’s reaction comes after the head of the EU for Foreign Policy and Security, Josef Borell, said that President Vucic accepted his proposal today, but not Prime Minister Kurti. He said that he will inform the member states about this meeting.

“I will inform my colleagues, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and our partners about the behavior of the various parties and the lack of respect for their international legal obligations, and I must say, this applies especially to Kosovo,” Borell said. The proposal of the latter was that “Kosovo should immediately suspend the further stages related to the re-registration of vehicles in the north of Kosovo. And Serbia to suspend the issuance of new license plates with the names of the cities of Kosovo, including KM license plates”.