Lebanon, another incident at the port of Beirut: silos full of grain collapse

Lebanon, another incident at the port of Beirut: silos full of grain collapse

In the same place as the great explosion two years ago in a deposit of flammable materials, a fire that had been active for several days, generated by the grain fermented due to high temperatures, caused the collapse of the 48-meter-high structures

Some of the grain silos that remained standing in the port of Beirut collapsed after the devastating explosion that destroyed the port and part of the city center two years ago. The Associated Press reports. To cause the collapse of the structures is the fire that a week ago had invested the reserves of cereals, fermented and set on fire thanks to the high temperatures, without the firefighters being able to tame it. It is not yet known whether this afternoon’s crash resulted in casualties, the Associated Press still reports.

The northern section of the silos collapsed, raising a huge cloud of dust and making a sound like an explosion. After the start of the fire, Prime Minister Najib Mikati warned that part of the silos was in danger of collapsing and called on the military and the management for disaster management to remain in a state of “maximum alert”. A total of 3,000 tons of grain and other cereals were still stored in the port silos which, after the explosion two years ago, could not be removed due to the danger of collapse.

The structure, 48 meters high and fifty years old, had withstood the 2020 explosion of a warehouse with explosive products, protecting the western part of the Lebanese capital from the shock wave. The explosion of the deposit – which contained ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate and other dangerous substances – killed over 200 people and injured more than 6,000. In April the Lebanese government ordered the demolition of the structures but the operation was suspended due to the opposition of the relatives of the victims, who want to turn the area into a memorial.