Lola, killed “for revenge” against the 12-year-old’s mother: the new lead by investigators

Lola, killed “for revenge” against the 12-year-old’s mother: the new lead by investigators

During the interrogation, the main suspect, the 24-year-old Algerian Dahbia, allegedly told of a quarrel with the girl’s parents, who work as custodians in the building where they live and who would have refused her access badge to the building.

A discussion related to access to the building where Lola Daviet’s parents work as caretakers. This could be the reason that led Dahbia B., the 24-year-old Algerian homeless man, to rape, kill and deface the body of the 12-year-old, found dead in a trunk in Paris found on 14 October last. The woman in recent days has confessed to the crime, only to retract.

Killed in revenge against her mother

According to an initial reconstruction, she was the same alleged murderess who told the police that she was hosted by her sister in the building where the victim’s parents are janitors. In particular, Lola’s mother would have refused to grant her the badge to access the building: she was born a disagreement, which at the moment is the only link between Dahbia B. and Lola. The hypothesis, therefore, is that the 24-year-old would therefore have killed the girl to take revenge on her. “Murder of a child under 15” and “rape with acts of torture and barbarism” are the main charges brought by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Tortured and abused for a badge

Friday after 3pm, she lured the 12-year-old back from school to her sister’s apartment. After forcing her to take a shower, he sexually abused her. From the autopsy and from the confession of Dahbia herself, her violent aggression has been reconstructed: Lola was gagged and asphyxiated, and after her death the Algerian girl would have tortured her body. She put the body in a big plastic trunk, and took it with her when she left the building, around 5pm. That case was found around 11.20pm, a few meters from Lola’s building, by a homeless man who he warned the police.

Dahbia was not supposed to be in France

Dahbia B. was subjected to marital violence in 2018, according to police records. She herself explained that she was raped as a child and that she saw her parents die “in front of her”. The woman legally entered France in 2016 with a residence permit for temporary students. She was notified of the obligation to leave the territory (OQTF), with a voluntary repatriation period of 30 days, after being arrested on August 21, 2022 at an airport by the police. On this occasion the lack of a residence permit was reported, specifies a source close to the investigation. She is now in Fresnes prison, also in solitary confinement for security reasons.


Lola’s case creates political tensions

The case of Lola Daviet is still holding ground in France, even on a political level. The far right denounces the “silence” of the government. “Once again, a frightening murder – writes on twitter Marine Le Pen – a little girl massacred in the middle of Paris. One day it will be necessary to go to the bottom of the investigations to find not only the direct culprits, but also stop the crazy policies that make these crimes possible “. His competitor on the far right, Eric Zemmour speaks of “Francoise” to define the killing of a French woman and replies: “My thoughts go out to her parents. For them and for Lola, justice must be done”.