Lola “raped and tortured” in Paris, the confession of the arrested woman

Lola “raped and tortured” in Paris, the confession of the arrested woman

“It makes me neither hot nor cold. I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me “. The French broadcaster Europe1 reports some chilling excerpts from the confession of Dhabia B., the 24-year-old homicide arrested for the brutal murder of the 12-year-old in Paris.

Behind the death of Lola Daviet there could only be the madness of a 24-year-old woman. Yesterday, October 17, it emerged that the 12-year-old was tortured, raped and locked in a trunk left in the internal cohort of the apartment building where she lived in the suburbs of Paris.

Dhabia’s shocking confession

Today, France is further shocked by the chilling confession – reported on the website of the radio station Europe1 – of Dhabia B., the Algerian homeless who admitted to having tortured her victim and raped her, before suffocating and then cutting her throat. The woman has to answer for murder, sexual assault, acts of torture and barbarism, and she is currently in prison.

There are many gray areas that still surround the investigations of the criminal brigade of the Parisian judicial police. But one thing is certain: last Friday the martyrdom of little Lola ended. It happened somewhere in the 19th arrondissement of Paris between 3:17 pm, the time when Lola was last caught by video surveillance cameras in the atrium of her building with Dhabia B., and 4:48 pm. , now in which the latter comes out alone, in possession of two suitcases and a trunk. The 12-year-old will be found in the evening inside that box with her feet tied and her face wrapped in adhesive tape, two large cuts on the neck and two numbers written in red ink on the soles of the feet: the ‘0’ on the right foot, the ” 1 ′ on the left one.

Lola, raped and tortured

A ninety-one minute gap, then. What happened in this hour and a half? The court file right now focuses only on the statements of the main suspect. Europe1 writes that Dhabia’s confession took place with the cameras off. During the fourth pre-trial hearing, the 24-year-old admitted taking Lola to her sister’s apartment, which she stays with from time to time. She then explains that she asked Lola to take a shower. At that point she sexually abused the child. She said she “put her hands on the girl’s face”, probably just as Lola dies of asphyxiation.

In front of the investigators, clearly baffled, he went on to claim that he had drunk a coffee and then listened to some music before repeatedly stabbing the girl’s body with a pair of scissors, almost to the point of detaching her head from the trunk. A shocking deposition in which the 24-year-old would have appeared completely numb even at the sight of the photos of Lola’s corpse. “It is neither hot nor cold. I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me”, this is her comment in front of the investigators.

The alleged motive for the Paris crime

As far as the reason of the crime is concerned, the investigators of the anti-crime team said they were thrilled by what, with the passing of the hours, takes on the contours of an atrocious crime consumed for absolutely futile reasons: a trivial altercation with the victim’s mother . This was stated by the suspect herself, according to the television broadcaster BfmTv. The homeless man in fact declared that she was hosted by her sister (among the arrested people) in the building where she lived, Lola and her family. The teenager’s mother, concierge of the building with her husband, would have refused the woman her pass to access her property. A track however not confirmed.

The suspect was illegal on French territory

“The suspect has no criminal record as a perpetrator but only as a victim of domestic violence in 2018,” explained a source close to the investigation in Le Figaro. Dhabia B. legally arrived in France in 2016 with a student residence permit. She was notified of the obligation to leave the territory (OQTF), with a voluntary repatriation period of 30 days, after being arrested on August 21, 2022 at an airport by the police. On this occasion, the lack of a residence permit was reported, a source close to the investigation points out.