Lola, the girl slaughtered in Paris. The last image of the 12-year-old killed

Lola, the girl slaughtered in Paris. The last image of the 12-year-old killed

France is still in shock over the kidnapping and murder of little Lola Daviet, 12, found dead in a trunk on Friday evening. The last images of the girl emerge, with her the 24-year-old woman stopped by the investigators for the affair.

A young girl, dressed in white, holding what appears to be her backpack, walks into a building. This is followed by a woman who, according to witnesses, was seen carrying the suitcase in which the body of the same 12-year-old was found. This is the last image of Lola Daviet, the very young girl slaughtered on Friday in Paris on her way home from school, captured in a video of the surveillance cameras at 3:20 pm that day in the entrance hall of the building where she lived with her parents, caretakers in an adjacent building.

She is not alone, as mentioned: there is a girl with her. This is Dahbia, 24, of Maghreb origin, a homeless with a psychiatric background: she was stopped along with another woman, it would be the sister of the same 24, Amine, 33 years old. Dahbia was denounced with the hypothesis of having killed Lola. Two other men in their forties are still in custody, they have no family ties with the two women. It is learned from sources of the investigation.

Therefore, organ trafficking would not be the motive for the murder. The investigation assumes the crimes of murder, rape and acts of torture.

Lola’s body was discovered on Friday evening, a few streets away from the apartment building in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. She was in a plastic crate in the courtyard of the palace: her arms and legs were tied, throat wounds, her head almost detached. And the digits “1” and “0” resting on her bust. The autopsy speaks of death by asphyxiation. The testimony gathered by a neighbor brought back to Dahbia, the woman who had approached Lola.

“We saw her enter the building, she was all alone… we saw her half an hour later with a suitcase, she talked a little with everyone, she seemed a little crazy “.

“She was in trouble carrying that suitcase, we thought there was something heavy and she was pretty skinny – we never thought it was a corpse … It was 5pm and she was walking around with that suitcase, she even left it outside a bar and went to the bakery opposite to buy a croissant as if nothing had happened… ” told to BMFTV.