Lufthansa: 1,000 flights canceled due to staff strike

Lufthansa: 1,000 flights canceled due to staff strike

134,000 passengers and all holiday traffic affected. Paralyzed airports in Munich and Frankfurt

More than a thousand flights canceled from the German airports of Munich and Frankfurt. The strike of the Lufthansa airline has started, will continue until tomorrow morning and involves ground personnel. The mobilization was called by the Verdi union which is asking for a 9.5% increase in salaries – starting from a minimum of 340 euros – for 20 thousand employees.
The initiative is disrupting air traffic in Germany.

According to some estimates, it affected 134,000 passengers and all holiday traffic.

Also canceled 8 out of 9 flights to Germany at Fiumicino (five to Frankfurt and three to Munich), as a consequence of the strike by the airline’s ground staff. Standing at the moment, there is only the 3.45pm flight LH9889 to Munich.
But despite 90% of the cancellations made by Lufthansa, there are no problems for passengers, as already in recent days the company had in any case informed its customers of the flights that would be canceled today, so as to avoid them arriving at the airport. and then not find the flight.
Passengers were re-protected on other flights.

Lufthansa has offered a flat-rate salary increase in two stages for a total of 250 euros (for a period of 18 months), accompanied by a 2% increase from July next year. With a base salary of 3,000 euros, this would – according to the company – increase from 9 to 11 percent.
The union, on the other hand, asks for 9.5 per cent more than the salary scales, for 12 months, of at least 350 euros.