Mom sells her five-day-old son for 3400 euros: she wanted to get her nose done

Mom sells her five-day-old son for 3400 euros: she wanted to get her nose done

In order to raise the sum necessary to pay the plastic surgeon, the woman, in Russia, set out in search of the possible buyers of her son. She was arrested

In Russia, a woman, whose identity has not yet been recognized, was arrested after selling her five-day-old son to pay for nose plastic surgery. The 33-year-old, from Kaspiyskiy – in Dagestan, Northern Russia – has worked hard to find potential buyers who would be willing to pay the price of rhinoplasty, around 3400 euros.

The neighbor was an accomplice – The “mother” just in her thirties, after being stopped and arrested by the police, said she was able to put her plan into action with the help of her neighbor. The woman, declaring that she must necessarily submit to this surgery due to severe breathing difficulties, would have undertaken to look for a couple willing to buy the child, who, according to what was stated by the prosecutors, would have been born on 25 April.

Medical treatment – Due to the infant’s need for medical treatment, the doctors who were supposed to visit the baby requested a birth certificate. Not being in possession of it, the “buyers” of the infant turned to the ex-mother, who, in exchange for the document, would have requested the payment of 100,000 rubles, approximately 1742 euros.

Trafficking of minors – The police, acting promptly, were able to detect the trafficking of minors, blocking the final sale of the child and arresting the woman. The police discovered that the woman, after having given birth to her son in the hospital and being discharged, would have contacted a fellow citizen, to whom she would have delivered her son. The ex-mother would thus have renounced all rights over him, consenting to the sale of the baby to the new couple of buyers / parents.