Moscow: “evacuate Kherson”. Kyiv prepares the assault

Moscow: “evacuate Kherson”. Kyiv prepares the assault

The battle to maintain control of the annexed center is becoming increasingly difficult with the referendum not recognized by the international community, and fundamental for the Southern front and Crimea

The battle to maintain control of Kherson for the Russians is getting more and more difficult, and for the first time the authorities of the occupied region of southern Ukraine have asked Moscow for help in evacuating civilians. Request that was accepted. And the city, strategic for the war, is also fundamental for the front of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, which is advancing towards the Crimean peninsula.

Soldiers hoist the Ukrainian flag in Vysokopillia in the north of the Kherson region

In Kherson, since August, the Russians had been forced into a progressive retreat (over 20 km), and this situation alarmed the local pro-Russian governor: “Every day the cities of the region are subject to missile attacks, and for this reason we suggested all residents, if they wish, to go to other regions of Russia on the border, such as Crimea, Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol “, said Governor Vladimir Saldo on Telegram, launching an appeal to Moscow.

Moscow: “government will organize evacuation assistance” Immediately after his deputy, Kirill Stremousov had specified that “it was not a call for evacuation and that there was no cause for panic, adding that” Nobody – he assured – plans to withdraw Russian troops from the region of Kherson “. But the immediate reply from Moscow came to the request for help:” The government has decided to organize assistance for the departure of the inhabitants of the region to other regions of the country “, said Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin, which has a special responsibility for southern Russia and Crimea, confirming, in fact, that the situation is not under control.

In the rest of the country, Putin’s army has also kept the pressure on other fronts – such as Kyiv and Lviv – hoping to slow down the enemy’s counter-offensive in the south. According to British intelligence, the pro-Russians are also preparing to fight in Kyiv. But the complete withdrawal from Kherson would be a serious blow to Putin’s army, because it would limit access to Crimea, fueling the hopes of the Ukrainians to also take back the peninsula, which Vladimir Putin considers indispensable.

The current strategic framework Putin has intensified the offensive on almost the rest of the country: according to Ukrainian source, attacks in 40 cities in just 24 hours, including in the Kiev region, hit by kamikaze drones, while several explosions have been reported in western regions, such as Lviv (so far remained almost unscathed for the entire course of the war) and Ternopil.

In the south Nykolaiev was heavily bombed overnight yesterday, even reducing a five-story residential building to rubble. And causing several civilian victims (two bodies were found at the moment, but there are seven missing). The Ukrainians fought back blow for blow, continuing to challenge the Russians even on their own territory. In the Belgorod region: an ammunition depot was destroyed and an apartment building in the capital was hit, local authorities denounced.

But in Kiev, in the meantime, victory is already being sung: according to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian forces have begun to receive from the military leaders the order to “suspend offensive operations”, on various fronts (in particular in the Donetsk region) .

“Low morale of the Russian troops” Due to the alleged “low morale of the reinforcements” recently arrived, numerous acts of desertion by the new recruits and their refusal to follow orders. As for Moscow, the signals sent out by the Kremlin are contradictory: Dmitry Peskov, speaking to journalists, argued that “the special military operation continues, but Russia is open to dialogue to achieve its goals, which have not changed”. It seems a new relaxing gesture on the day of face to face between Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan. Which the tsar considers the only leader capable of facilitating mediation.