Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan

Chinese warships have been spotted near the midline of the Taiwan Strait and Chinese warships are present not far from the separation line

Nancy Pelosi and her delegation will arrive in Taiwan at 10.20 pm local time, according to the Liberty Times, while President Tsai Ing-Wen and her office have not released any statements confirming or denying the speaker’s visit.

None of the highest offices in the United States of America have set foot in Taiwan in the past 25 years. According to some sources, a meeting with President Tsai Ing-Wen is expected. Meanwhile, tensions are increasing – not only military – between the US and China in the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing suspended food imports from over 180 Taiwanese companies overnight in a move that appears to be a first retaliation against Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit. The Taipei media noted that “the sudden move by Chinese Customs will cause a severe blow” to the local food industry, including agriculture and fishing. According to the official findings, the Customs have contested “the violation of the relevant regulations and urgently stopped the import”.

In the last few hours, Chinese warplanes have been spotted near the midline of the Taiwan Strait and Chinese warships are present not far from the separation line. Beijing has repeatedly warned that any visit by Pelosi to the island would be seen as a provocation and that there would be a response with severe measures, while military exercises continue.

“If US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi” follows the “wrong path”, Beijing will then have to take “strong and resolute measures” to safeguard its sovereignty, reiterated Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying, adding that China and the US ” they maintained contact at different levels “in the hope that” American officials understand the importance and sensitivity of the problem and how dangerous it can be. “

It is difficult to imagine anything “more reckless and provocative than this” US behavior towards Taiwan, Hua said, explaining that Beijing accuses the United States of collaborating with “separatist forces” in Taiwan: “any countermeasure that China could adopt would be justified, “he added.

According to China, the world is witnessing US provocations and Washington must take responsibility for its hegemonic mentality. In particular, Hua stressed, the US side “will take responsibility” and “pay the price” for undermining China’s sovereignty and interests.

Taiwan is also preparing militarily. “We are meticulously preparing various plans and adequate troops will be sent to respond in line with the emergency response regulations and the threat posed by the enemy,” the Taipei Defense Ministry said in a statement.