Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan. Beijing: “Huge political provocation”

Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan. Beijing: “Huge political provocation”

Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan. The speaker of the US Chamber landed at Taipei airport amid the anger of Beijing which threatened repercussions.

Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan. The speaker of the US Chamber landed at Taipei airport around 10:45 pm local, after a long journey studded with uncertainty and under the pressing threat of intervention by China, which considers Pelosi’s trip a direct interference in Chinese domestic politics by Washington.

It is no coincidence that this is the first visit of one of the highest offices in the United States to Taiwan in the last 25 years. As soon as the steps of the US Air Force Boeing C-40C plane descended, Nancy Pelosi was greeted by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and the United States representative in Taiwan, Sandra Oudkirk.

Nancy Pelosi will then be transferred to the Grand Hyatt hotel on the outskirts of Taipei city ahead of Wednesday morning’s key meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen. “Our delegation’s visit to Taiwan honors America’s unwavering commitment to supporting vibrant Taiwanese democracy. Our discussions with the Taiwanese leadership reaffirm our support for our partner and promote our shared interests, including the advancement of a Free and open Indo-Pacific region, “Pelosi tweeted, adding:” America’s solidarity with Taiwan’s 23 million people is more important today than ever, as the world must choose between autocracy and democracy. The United States continue to oppose unilateral efforts to change status. “

His arrival sparked the ire of Beijing, which promised an immediate response to what it considers a direct affront from the US. “Pelosi’s visit undermines Sino-American relations. We will take all necessary measures to defend our sovereignty,” the Chinese authorities said. “A huge political provocation,” China’s Foreign Ministry said

In the past few hours, Beijing has also raised military fighters as a deterrent against the arrival of the speaker of the US Chamber.

Pelosi’s flight actually made a non-direct route from Kuala Lumpur, swerving over Indonesia and the Philippines, avoiding the South China Sea to fly to Taiwan’s east coast.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense for its part increased its military alert for the next four days and warned that it would appropriately dispatch forces in response to “enemy threats”. In a statement he said that he had the “determination, ability and confidence” to ensure Taiwan’s national security and that he had drawn up various unspecified plans for an emergency.

After all, the island claimed by the Chinese considers this moment very important and, shortly before the arrival of the plane, the iconic skyscraper of the capital, the Taipei 101, launched the luminous banners with the words: “welcome to Taiwan, thanks speaker Pelosi, Taiwan loves the US “. Outside Songshan Airport, a crowd of supporters also gathered to welcome Pelosi.

Reuters previously reported that four US warships, including an aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Ronald Reagan, had been stationed in waters east of the island.