NATO announces routine exercise of its nuclear forces

NATO announces routine exercise of its nuclear forces

NATO will conduct a routine exercise of its nuclear forces over the next week. The operation, according to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, had been scheduled before the outbreak of the war.

NATO will conduct an exercise of its nuclear forces over the next week. The exercise, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, had been planned “well before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine”. “Canceling the operation now would send the wrong message to Moscow,” Stoltenberg stressed.

The military alliance has made it known that it is observing Russian nuclear forces “with great attention”. Vladimir Putin’s threats are taken very seriously by NATO, which has repeatedly called them “irresponsible and dangerous”. “Attempts at annexation, partial mobilization and reckless nuclear rhetoric represent the most significant escalation since the beginning of the war,” said Stoltenberg. “We are closely monitoring Russian nuclear forces, but for the moment we have not seen any change in Russia’s position. Despite everything, we want to remain vigilant.”

According to the NATO secretary general, the attacks in recent days (including the bombing of Kiev) and nuclear threats are a sign of the growing nervousness of the Kremlin. “Ukraine is continuing to catch up as Moscow engages in pointless and heinous attacks on civilian infrastructure and people. NATO is not a party to the conflict, but our support is playing a key role in Ukraine’s comeback. Any deliberate attack on allied infrastructure would be met with a determined and strong response. “

In the meantime, the G7 has also guaranteed Ukraine “all the necessary support for its territorial integrity”. President Volodymyr Zelensky attended an emergency videoconference meeting just today. The online meeting took place after the series of attacks launched by Russia in “response” to the bombing of the Crimean bridge.