North Korea claims that the US nuclear program is nearing its end

North Korea claims that the US nuclear program is nearing its end

Pyongyang criticized Washington and Seoul for their “reckless military moves” amid the latest round of war games.

North Korea condemned the United States and neighboring South Korea after the two allies launched massive joint military drills, saying the air drills were in preparation for a nuclear attack on North Korea and saying it would “take all measures to necessary” to protect.

In a statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA – 조선중앙태소 / 조선태소사) on Monday, an unnamed Foreign Ministry spokesman called the drills “an aggression-type military exercise with the main purpose of striking targets strategic. Of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” The People’s Republic of Korea”, saying that they risked “serious confrontation with the great powers”.

“Nowhere in the world can one see military exercises of an aggressive nature in terms of duration, scope, content and intensity as the joint military exercises of the United States and its successors,” an official said.

After a series of joint exercises held in April, August, September and October – some including Japan – the spokesman claimed that Monday’s air exercises were the “largest” in history and showed that the “US nuclear war scenario against the People’s Republic “Democratic Republic of Korea has entered the final stage”.

Dubbed Vigilant Storm, the US-South Korea exercises will continue until Friday, with both countries deploying hundreds of fighter jets, with Seoul hoping the exercise will strengthen its “operational and tactical capabilities” to “deter and responded to North Korea’s provocations”. The planes will perform about 1,600 practice flights, “the largest number ever for this annual event,” according to the US Air Force, which says the flights will help pilots “improve their combat skills.”

A North Korean spokesman said the drills were part of a plot to “provoke us militarily to take countermeasures and shift responsibility to us,” denying the military drills were “defensive,” as claimed by the U.S. and North Korea.

“We are ready to take all necessary measures to protect the country’s sovereignty, the security of our people and our territorial integrity from external military threats,” the official said, adding that Washington “will pay the same price if it tries to use force against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

The war games come at a time of escalation on the Korean Peninsula – which a North Korean official considers “the hottest place in the world with the highest level of military tension”. After years of relative silence following several rounds of diplomacy under US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Pyongyang conducted a record number of missile tests in 2022. Under the new leadership, Washington and Seoul have largely responded with show of force, continuing and expanding their regular military exercises, which North Korea has repeatedly denounced as evidence of an invasion.