Paris, the mystery of Lola, slaughtered at 12 and found in the trunk: the possibility of organ trafficking

Paris, the mystery of Lola, slaughtered at 12 and found in the trunk: the possibility of organ trafficking

New shocking details on the case that shocked France. A 24-year-old girl was arrested for the murder of Lola Daviet, along with 7 other people.

There would be the shadow of the organ trafficking on the murder that shocked Paris and all of France. The victim is the very young Lola Daviet, whose body was found in a trunk after a homeless man was reported: her head was almost detached from the rest of the body, on which the numbers 1 and 0 had been “affixed”. 12-year-old allegedly was kidnapped on her way home from school, in a quiet neighborhood in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, near the Buttes Chaumont park, a lively neighborhood full of families.

According to what was ascertained, on Friday 14 October the girl left the Georges-Brassens middle school at 3 pm; at home, however, she did not get there. The father immediately asked all the neighbors and whoever he met in front of the door if they had seen her daughter, thinking she had gone to play in the nearby garden with her friends. But no trace of Lola. At that point the man, who works as a doorman in that building, tried to check the recording of the surveillance camera.

The images show a 24-year-old woman, with a Maghrebian appearance, approaching the 12-year-old in the entrance hall of the Manin residence, where the latter lived with her brother and parents. Lola, despite her worried air, has decided to follow her. And immediately the kidnapping alert went off.

After hours of research at 11.20 pm his body will be found in a plastic crate, a few meters away, in the courtyard of the building. His arms and legs tied, deep wounds in the throat, his head almost detached. Those two figures on the torso. According to the autopsy, the girl died of asphyxiation.

The 24-year-old arrested filmed by cameras

The investigations then led to a tragic truth, thanks to the testimony of a neighbor, to whom the 24-year-old would have asked for help in carrying a “very heavy” suitcase. She had a “strange behavior” – it emerged – and the man hesitated to help her but she promised him a lot of money from “organ trafficking”. Now the investigators are trying to understand if this track is real or linked to the psychic imbalance of the woman.

The 24-year-old was arrested, along with 7 other people, who are only in custody for investigation. Among these, the homeless man who found the trunk with the child’s body, unsuspected. The woman appeared in conditions such as to advise investigators to submit her to a medical report before questioning her.

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