Protests in Russia against the partial mobilization announced by Putin: over 300 people arrested

Protests in Russia against the partial mobilization announced by Putin: over 300 people arrested

Protests are breaking out across Russia against the partial military mobilization announced by Putin: the tensest situation is currently in Tomsk in Siberia, but mobilization is also growing in Moscow. In total, over 300 people already stop.

Protests against the partial military mobilization announced this morning by President Putin in his speech to the Nation have started in Russia.

The number of people stopped by the police during demonstrations held today in many Russian cities has risen to over 300. In total, this would be 364 stopped at the moment, but the number could still increase.

This was reported by Ovd-Info, an NGO that records the activities of the opposition and legally assists those arrested.

The rallies, which are attended on average by a few dozen people, have begun, for reasons of time difference, in some cities of the Far East, and have extended to western regions, including Moscow. Two stops have been reported in the capital so far.

The situation is particularly tense in Tomsk, Siberia: as evidenced by photos and videos shared on social networks, dozens of people, especially young people, took to the streets displaying signs and singing chants, immediately stopped by the police. Same scenario in nearby Ulan-Ude and in Ekaterinburg. The number of participants is also growing minute by minute.

Meanwhile, the number of Russian citizens who are trying to leave the country is also growing.

After the air tickets for today and tomorrow from Moscow to Georgia and Turkey were sold out, a very long queue of cars formed at the border with Finland, the only land border still open for Russians with the Schengen visas.

The journalist Sotiri Dimpinoudis reports this on Twitter, attaching a video of the cars lined up. According to the reporter, the queue is 35 kilometers long and continues to increase. The news comes after the announcement of the partial mobilization of reservists made today by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which affects about 300,000 citizens.