Putin: “Direct clash with Nato would lead to ‘global catastrophe'”

Putin: “Direct clash with Nato would lead to ‘global catastrophe'”

The Russian president replied “no” when reporters asked him if he regretted anything about the conflict in Ukraine. “We are doing everything right,” he added

“Sending NATO troops to Ukraine for a direct confrontation with the Russian army would be very dangerous and could cause a global catastrophe.” So from Kazakhstan, Russian President Vladimir Putin launches a warning speaking to journalists at the end of the Eurasian summit in Astana, as reported by Russian agencies.

“Russia has not taken on the task of destroying Ukraine”, Putin specified in Astana, according to Tass reports. The Russian president then said that at the moment there is no longer a need for “massive attacks” on infrastructure Ukrainian.

Putin said that all mobilization activities will be completed in two weeks and no additional conscription is expected: this is reported by Novaya Gazeta Europa, according to which Putin said that of the 300,000 people he plans to mobilize, 223,000 have been summoned in the area of ​​the “partial mobilization”, that 33,000 mobilized are already in the units and 16,000 are engaged in fighting in Ukraine.

Putin then warns the international community after the attack on the Crimean bridge: “Russia will close the grain corridor if it is confirmed that the explosives used have been sent from Odessa,” he said.

However, the Russian president confirmed that Russia is open to the prospect of talks with Ukraine. “Russia will participate in the next G20 summit, but there is still no decision on my presence,” he later reported. Vladimir Putin, however, does not see “the need” for talks with Joe Biden, he said, referring to the possibility of a face to face with the American president on the sidelines of the G20.

The Russian president then stated that it is “unlikely” that a decision will be made to put the functioning line of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into operation. But this is no longer our business, this is our partners’ business, ”Putin said.

The Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines were damaged in alleged acts of sabotage for which it is not known who was responsible. Nord Stream 2 never went into operation: Germany froze it after Moscow recognized the self-proclaimed separatist republics of Donbass, and therefore on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine ordered by Putin.

Germany’s interests “are considered by few, otherwise the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines would not have been blown up,” Putin said. “Even if they didn’t work, they still had an element of reliability and could be used in extreme cases. Now this possibility does not exist. Even if a line appears to be usable. However, no such decision has been made and it is unlikely that it will be taken. “