Putin meets Belarusian President Lukashenko in Sochi: “The West must respect Russia”

Putin meets Belarusian President Lukashenko in Sochi: “The West must respect Russia”

Russian President Vladmir Putin met his Belarusian counterpart and ally, Alexander Lukashenko today in Sochi, who also reassured him about the flight of his fellow citizens outside: “Make them go, they will come back”.

Smiles, handshakes and an interview that lasted more than 10 minutes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met his Belarusian counterpart and ally Alexander Lukashenko this morning in Sochi, who, as reported by the local press, would have arrived in Russia for “work reasons”.

During the face to face between the two leaders, Putin reiterated that “the West must respect Russia”.

For his part, Lukashenko reassured the Kremlin number about the citizens who are leaving the country in these hours after the announcement of partial military mobilization made by Putin himself in recent days.

“Just let them go – said the Belarusian president -. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I wasn’t to upset when it happened to me. They will come back. You just have to decide what you will do with them”.

Indeed, the flight of Russian citizens abroad continues. After Finland and Georgia, long queues would also increase at Russia’s land border crossings to Mongolia.

The meeting between the two leaders took place on the day that, according to US administration sources, according to reports from the New York Times, Putin could use tactical nuclear weapons, but there is still no evidence that he is preparing such an attack. Specifically, the Russian president could use them in a demonstration action on the Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean or the territory of Ukraine.

According to the American daily, experts believe Putin is unlikely to make any decisions on the matter, given the reaction of the West and Moscow’s allies, such as China and India. Even the latter, in fact, expressed their harshest criticisms of the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian president, who on 21 September declared that he would use all available means in the event of an alleged threat to the territorial integrity of the Federation. Russian.

Meanwhile, the Russian president also allegedly admitted during talks with Turkish counterpart Recep Erdogan in Samarkand last week that Russia could return to negotiations with Ukraine. This was reported by the Foreign Minister of Ankara Mevlüt Cavusoglu, quoted by the Russian state news agency Tass.