Putin responds to the joke of the G7 leaders: “They shirtless? Disgusting show “

Putin responds to the joke of the G7 leaders: “They shirtless? Disgusting show “

During the G7 the leaders of the seven major Western world powers had indulged in jokes about photos of Putin shirtless, now he responds harshly.

Boris Johnson had started, then the other G7 leaders laughed at it. At the center of the jokes the various photos of Vladimir Putin shirtless in recent years, during hunting or fishing trips. The British prime minister had joked that even the presidents of the seven major Western powers could take off their clothes to show that they were “stronger than Putin”.

However, the reply from the Kremlin leader arrives. According to Putin, who spoke at the Ashgabat summit between Caspian countries, the nine (the seven leaders together with EU Commission President Von der Leyen and EU Council President Michel) “would offer a disgusting spectacle” if they undressed. Then he added: “I don’t know how they want to undress, whether under or over the belt. But I think that in both cases it would not change: it would always be a disgusting sight.”

Then he explained that, unlike him, the heads of state and government of the seven countries do not engage in sports and exercise, abuse alcohol and have bad living and eating habits. The clash, therefore, also happens in this way, with long distance jokes in bad taste and insults that have little to do with war and geopolitics. Symptom of a climate that is exacerbating more and more, with an escalation of tones that can lead at any moment to a military escalation.

Far away are the images of a Putin who went on a visit to Europe and, albeit with a drawn face and different views with respect to Western leaders, dialogued with the countries of the Old Continent. In a press conference after the G7, the prime minister said that Putin will not be present at the next G20 and that at most he will connect remotely. The statement sparked the ire of the Kremlin, which explained in a note that it cannot be Premier Italian Draghi who establishes the presence or absence of the Russian leader at the meeting of 20.