Putin: “Russia will protect maritime borders by any means”

Putin: “Russia will protect maritime borders by any means”

Putin promises new hypersonic missiles for the Navy. “It will be able to respond at the speed of light to all those who decide to violate our sovereignty and freedom”

Russia will firmly ensure the protection of its maritime borders by all means. Russian President Vladimir Putin announces it, and chooses to do so at the Navy parade in St. Petersburg, as reported by Tass.

From the former imperial capital, Putin praised Tsar Peter the Great for making Russia a great maritime power but in his entire speech he never explicitly mentioned Ukraine.

Despite this morning’s attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Crimea, Putin still participated in the Navy Day celebrations.

The Russian president also announced that within a few months the Russian Navy will receive the new Tsirkon hypersonic missile systems, calling them “unique in the world”.

“The frigate Admiral Gorshkov will be the first carrier of Tsirkon hypersonic missiles,” Putin said, as reported by Tass.

It is a powerful hypersonic cruise missile designed to neutralize major naval units including aircraft carriers, cruisers and torpedo destroyers.

“The Navy will thus be able to respond at the speed of light to all those who decide to violate our sovereignty and freedom”, was the warning of the Kremlin leader.

The new naval doctrine of the Russian Federation clearly delineates the borders of the country, including the Arctic and the Black Sea. This was explained by Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressing that their protection “will be ensured by force and by any means”.

During the celebrations, Putin announced that he had signed the decree by which he approved the new Russian naval doctrine. In the document, he said, “we have clearly delineated the borders and zones of Russia’s vital national interests, both economic and strategic. First of all, these are our waters in the Arctic, those of the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and Bering, the Baltic and Kuril Strait ”.

The Kremlin leader then warned that Russia “will guarantee the protection of these borders firmly and by all means”.

At the opening of the event, Putin congratulated the sailors. This year, over 40 combat ships, boats and submarines from Russian fleets from the North, the Pacific, the Baltic and the Black Sea participate in the naval parade on the Neva River and in the Kronshtadt roadstead.