Putin: “Western sanctions are a threat to the whole world”

Putin: “Western sanctions are a threat to the whole world”

“It is impossible to isolate Russia, just look at the map”. Thus the Russian premier at the Eastern Economic Forum: “We did not start the war, we want to end it”

A direct intervention, that of Vladimir Putin at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivistok.

A speech with the finger pointed at the sanctions that have hit his country and which, according to the Russian premier, represent instead “the attempt to subjugate other countries” because “the pandemic has been replaced by new global challenges that pose a challenge to the whole world .

I am referring to the frenzy of Western sanctions, to the aggressive attempts (by the West) to impose a model of behavior on other countries, depriving them of sovereignty and subjugating them to his will “.

“Europe’s high level of industrial development, its standard of living and its socio-economic stability have been thrown into the furnace of sanctions and wasted on Washington’s orders for the sake of the infamous Euro-Atlantic unity.”

“Western food purchases are causing price increases that could become a real tragedy for most of the poorest countries, as they face shortages of food, energy and other vital goods,” he has declared.

The Russian leader then reported the figures that underline the danger of the problem: “If in 2019, according to the United Nations, 135 million people in the world were experiencing severe food shortages, now their number has increased by 2.5 times, up to 345 million people. It’s just terrible “, In fact,

according to the Russian premier, “almost all the wheat exported from Ukraine went to EU countries and not to the poorest countries, which only took two ships. Europeans continue to act as colonizers. We should therefore limit the export of wheat from Ukraine to Europe. I will discuss this issue with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “reports Tass.

“Russia has not lost and is not losing anything due to the Special Operation but has indeed strengthened its sovereignty”, continued Putin, who also declared himself certain that “the global economy is going through a difficult period, but the logic cooperation will surely win. ”

According to the Kremlin leader, his country is facing “the economic, financial and technological aggression of the West”.

But Russia remains strong: “The currency and the financial market have stabilized, inflation is falling and the unemployment rate is at an all-time low” and the estimates and forecasts on economic dynamics, “also by entrepreneurs, they are much more optimistic than in early spring ”.

He also spoke about the war in Ukraine where Russia did not start fighting in Ukraine, but “is trying to put an end now, because it has been going on since 2014”.